Affordable Affairs and Bima Shots Photo


My Background

 Hi... I'm Barry Dreyer. I grew up in the Chastain Park area of Buckhead (went to Woodward Academy and UGA) but for the past 30 Years I have lived in South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca and West Palm Beach) where from 1997 to 2001, I was a Freelance Photographer for several High Priced Studios in South Florida. 


Real World Photography for Today

 However, during this time, I saw something that was missing from Professional Studios in the area, so I decided to offer my clients something More... High Quality, Creativity and FUN along with Affordably Priced Packages.  So in 2001 I founded Brides on a Budget Photo. Of Course...with an abundance of Southern Hospitality, Great Customer Service and Caring about my Customers more than my Bank Account... Well... People Really Liked That. It's Just How I Was Raised. 


For All Events... Let Me Be Your Memory Maker

I Moved back home to Atlanta in 2015 and it's been Non-Stop ever since.

My Philosophy Works Here Too...

Keep it Simple, Creative, Fun and AFFORDABLE...

While being Professional, Honest and Respectful.

Not only will you love your pictures... but you will also have a Fantastic Time while taking them. I offer the 5 Most Important aspects of 

Event Photography...   

Quality, Creativity, Integrity, Security and Value.


That's what you want to know... RIGHT... The Prices?

I have always Posted My Pricing. I am a Photographer... NOT a Salesman. 

I don't get you into the Office to See the Type of Car you Drive or the Size of the Ring on your Finger. 

I DON'T try to get as Much as I can Out of You. That's why I have always posted my Prices. 

Not too many Studios Publish theirs... Why? You Know Why!

What You Really Want to Know... Pricing